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  • 04/22/12--13:37: What Once Could Have Been
  • Teen Gohan (Cell Games) as a SSj3!
    Lots of people have been liking this form for Gohan and would like to see it in a video game as a what if character like SSj3 Vegeta, Broly, and Trunks.
    I'm a fan of what if's myself so I had to join in the fun XD
    Hope you all like it!
    I think the eye could use work, but the rest is good.
    Pose credit - Dragonball Heroes card pic


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  • 04/22/12--13:43: A Warrior's True Potential
  • Bardock as a SSj3! I've been doing a lot of SSj4 for him so I switched it there's hardly any pics of him in this form anyway.
    Lots of GT haters say SSj4 is fake and SSj3 is the saiyans' true limit.
    Meh. XD
    Hope you all like it!
    Pose credit - :iconezio-anime:


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    I'm working on a short summarized story of the 2012 horror movie, The Cabin in the Woods. ...but this version will resolve around Naruto and his friends after the current Ninja World War happening in the manga right now.
    For those who haven't seen or heard of The Cabin in the the trailer, then the movie, and learn the basic knowledge of Naruto and his friends to understand the story better.

    Story will be uploaded in parts, then in one big file.

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    Part 1 of the Story...

    Cabin in the Woods (Naruto Parody)Part 1

    This is based off the 2012 version of "Cabin in the Woods;" a famous horror movie remake with a twist to the end.  The story to the movie instantly fit to the personalities of some of the Naruto characters, and a lot of the movie seemed possible to happen to the characters. In the movie the point of the "Unknown Organization was to send out real monsters (according to the chose the sacrifices make in the basement) to kill 4-5 people including the following; a whore, an athlete, a scholar, a fool, and a virgin.  This ritual has been going on forever to please a group of evil gods from destr

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    Part 2

    Part 2

    Shikamaru: Huh? This creepy painting is covering something. *Puts painting on the ground* GAH! Sakura! Hey Sakura stop!

    *Shikamaru has seen Sakura undressing through a window, which acts only as a mirror on Sakura's side. The others come to see what has happened.*

    Sakura: Uh, thanks for letting me know, Shikamaru. *Blesses*

    Shikamaru: *Blesses* Uh, no problem, heh heh.

    Naruto: *Whispers to Shikamaru with a smile* So, you were checking out Sakura, huh? Hehe.

    Lee: *Blesses and joins Naruto* Well, did you see anything?

    Shikamaru: *Sigh* What a drag. *Rolls eyes*

    Ino: *Pulls Naruto and Lee's ears* Cut it out you two!

    Naruto and Le

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    part 3

    Part 3

    Drunken Ino: I'm goin' out! *Grabs hold of Lee*

    Drunken Lee: Yay! Party!!!

    Sakura: Ah, Lee your drunk. Don't forget about Tenten at home.

    Lee: I'm not drunk! I'm just sooooo uhhhhh, haha. *Runs out the cabin with Ino*

    Naruto: Ah, don't worry about Bushy Brow! He maybe crazy when he's drunk, but he's smart enough to know what he's doing…I think… *Smiles and looks at Sakura and Shikamaru sitting together* anyway, what about you two?

    Shikamaru and Sakura: *Blessing* Shut up, Naruto!

    Naruto: Hehehe, alright, I'll leave you two alone. I need to pee anyway. *Walks out the cabin*

    Shikamaru: Do you want to…

    Sakura: Sorr

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    part 4

    Part 4

    *Ino's head is sawed off in front of Lee. Lee explodes with anger and releases the first stage of the Eight Inner Gates to escape to zombies' hold and run back to the cabin to warn the others. Meanwhile, a dark figure appears unknowingly behind Naruto.*

    Naruto: *Peeing* Ahhhhh…huh? Is that… *Is grabbed by Lee right before the zombie figure of a little girl stabs Naruto* LEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    *They rush into the cabin with blood all over Lee.*

    Sakura: Lee!? What happened!? Where's Ino!?

    Lee: She…she's gone. *Everyone besides Lee gasps* They killed her. Those monsters!

    Naruto: Monsters!? What are you trying to do? Scare me

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    part 5

    Part 5

    Sakura: Great! Now what do we do? Just jump to the other side of the cliff? It's too far for any of us to make it! Also, where's Naruto!?

    Shikamaru: Naruto can handle himself. He'll find us. Now we need to get to the other side of this cliff.

    Lee: Left that to me!

    Sakura: Lee, you can't jump that far! Like I said before…none of us can…except maybe Naruto in his Nine Tails Chakra form.

    Lee: No. I know I can do it. I have the power of the Eight Inner Gates. Plus, I've been meaning to test this out anyway. All I need is a running start. *Walks back to the end of the path to have some running distance* I'll go get reinforcem

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    part 6
    should be finished tomorrow

    Part 6

    *A zombie has sneak behind the two and thrust a pole through the back of Shikamaru's head. The zombie grabs Sakura, but she and the zombie fall into the deep lake and start to sink. She launches the super strong punch to the zombies arm and breaks free to swim back to the surface. She appears to be at the small bridge in front of the cabin. She crawls up and begins to scream and cry tears until…*

    Sakura: You…..I'll kill you. …I'LL KILL YOU!!!! CHERRY BLOSSEM CLASH!!!!!! *releases her finishing move to the zombie with the chained bear trap; who was awaiting her arrival back*

    *The zombie seems to be dead as Sakura limps

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    Part 7
    ...nevermind...I finished the story and will upload the rest tonight.

    Part 7

    Masked Ninja: GET OUT! GET OUT NOW!

    Naruto: Hey! Just calm down! What's wrong?

    Masked Ninja: You stay in. … Looks at Sakura Get out.

    Sakura: Uh…okay….. *walks out of the elevator*

    Masked Ninja: *Points gun at Naruto* You shouldn't have come here.

    *As Naruto thinks about how he will respond, a piece of the zombie he killed earlier falls from the top of the elevator and grabs the masked ninja's foot. The masked ninja looks down to shoot the zombie's cut-off hand, but is the hit by Naruto's Rasengan and knocked out cold. He heads out to join Sakura and they hear a voice.*

    Unknown female voice:  *Radio-like voice comi

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    part 8

    Part 8

    *The elevators shake and all the masked ninja stop shooting and aim their guns at the elevator doors. The doors stop moving, and then everyone hears a loud "bing." The doors open and the what quickly emerges are a handful of the monsters that were stick behind the glass doors in the elevator's tunnels! Giant snakes, huge spiders, mutant bats, werewolves, demons, ghosts, killer machines, evil clowns, zombies, etc. all furiously attack the masked ninjas and easily kill them until a mutant bat flies throw the glass window of the room that Naruto and Sakura are hiding in…*

    Naruto and Sakura: *throws kunai and kills the bat*


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    part 9

    shorter will be the last and longer...

    Part 9

    Kunochi: This is the sacrificial room.

    Naruto: Your that voice from before! *makes a fist*

    Kunochi: Don't bother fighting. It'd be pointless. Besides, you've come this far and need to know what needs to happen…..What we are standing over…are the evil gods that once ruled the Earth and caused great destruction. What have been keeping them down here for all these years are simple sacrifices…we have been able to keep they at bay until now, but they must have at least one each of the following: *points to one of the structures covered in blood* a whore, *points to the next blood covered structure* an athlete, *points to t

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    part 10

    The End.....of the world.

    Part 10 - Final

    *About to pull the trigger a werewolf jumps out of the darkness and attacks Sakura. The werewolf pushes Naruto back. The kunochi shoots Naruto with a Chakra gun and deactivates his Nine Tails Cloak. She pins him down by a corner to the hole, which leads to the evil gods. Meanwhile Sakura after being bitten by the werewolf manages to hit it with her Chakra gun. It runs off, back into the darkness. While barely awake, Sakura notices the zombie of the little girl from the journal slowly walk into the room with a knife in hand. The zombie walks toward Naruto and the kunochi; who are both spinning around the corner edge of the flo

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    The Avengers movie was easily one of the best movies ever made! The fight scenes were too cool and there were tons of funny scenes too. The cube with the "whatever name" was back in the movie, along with Loki returning as the main villain. Helping Loki was the "Satari or how ever you say it" army. In the end Loki and Thor go somewhere unknown with the cube. After the first credits it reveals Thanos! (which means the skrulls with be around too)

    Most people think the next movie will include more heroes and villains. Thanos will obviously be there...but the thing is, the Avengers alone could never really beat Thanos with the help of either: Sil

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  • 05/28/12--19:05: Another Old Photo
  • Just another one of my older pics from when I was in High School...I still miss my old hair styles...I'm stuck with a buzzcut until I graduate from college LOL


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  • 05/28/12--19:13: Another Old Photo 2
  • Even older, hehe


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  • 05/28/12--19:15: Sleeping Tristan
  • My cat Tristan sleeping...My DBZ pics will be coming soon, but these upcoming pet pics should keep y'all busy till then XD


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  • 05/28/12--19:17: Abby Close Up
  • A close up of my Abby girl. If my Dad wasn't crazy then I'd go see her more's sad she can't live with me now...and she's so old now idk what to do...she's the best dog in the universe


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  • 05/28/12--19:20: River in the Sink
  • My young cat River I adopted secretly in the sink...he wasn't a secret when he jumped on Dad in the car XD


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  • 05/28/12--19:22: Posing River
  • River posing for the camera in the baby's sit XD


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